Welcome to Peace Yoga Studio

Peace is an inclusive, warm, non-competitive environment that's perfect for the beginner or advanced yogi. There is always great instruction whether you are working through an injury or physical limitation or you are looking to advance your practice. It's one of my favorite places to be!


Having recently become challenged with a spinal cord injury, I had been looking for something to help me recover both physically and emotionally. From those first days of having no idea what downward facing dog was, to now, Diane has encouraged me to reach my potential physically while inspiring me spiritually. She instills in her students the acceptance of limitations and all levels of ability.


I came to yoga without a lot of back-ground, Diane's approach is to give each student the fundamentals of a yoga practice, and then offer them advance techniques as their balance, strength and form improve. I never thought I would be a lifelong yoga student, but when I end up missing a class, my body -- and mind --crave the challenge I get from it, and the peace I achieve as well.


When I began doing yoga with Diane almost five years ago, I had trouble with the most basic poses, even "the child's pose", having stiffened from years at a desk and computer. I have always appreciated, and been amazed by, Diane's skilled ability to suggest adjust-ments to a pose, so that regardless of our current level of flexibility, we are able to work at the pose and eventually progress.


At our studio we strive to provide an accepting, warm and welcoming atmosphere. We will guide you gently through your practice allowing opportunity to learn and to grow. Come and experience the multitude of benefits that yoga can provide. Better posture, improved balance, muscular strength and endurance, greater lung capacity and mental clarity are some of the changes you may see in your body. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can bend in. Let your instructor know of any physical limitations. You will be asked to fill out a health release form on your first visit, please allow a few extra minutes for this. Your yoga practice will lead you on a path to better health, mind, body and spirit.